A car is a big investment. You’d want to avoid regretting your choice after your purchase, so it’s always wise to make the informed decision.

But with all the sleazy car salesmen in second-rate showrooms, it can be challenging to steer clear of being misled. These type of people specialize in making you pay more for less value using meaningless car jargons. You may end up buying something that you never wanted. The best defense against this is to arm yourself with knowledge.

Today, we will try and answer one of the most basic car questions: Should I buy A Used SUV or Sedan?

Sedans and SUVs are often compared with each other because they are the most common options for people buying cars for personal means of transportation. The Sedan is a classic choice, while the popularity of SUV has gained exponentially among consumers in recent years.

Let’s take a look.



Sedans are one of the most common car body styles. It is divided into three major compartments: engine, passenger, and cargo. The passenger compartment has two rows of seats that can comfortably accommodate 5 full-sized adults including the driver. The engine and cargo compartment is located at the opposite ends of the car. The enginecompartment is usually located in front while the cargo compartment is located in the rear end — except in a few rear-engined models.

Sedans are up to 30 or 40 percent more fuel efficient than an SUV. Your 1 liter of fuel would last longer in a sedan than it would in an SUV, which is notorious for its fuel needs.

Sedans are smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic from its low ground clearance. Without even considering the engine or transmission, this alone makes sedans faster than most SUVs. And since it also has a low center of gravity, it has better handling overall and less prone to roll-overs.

Sedans are easier to manage in cities. Its sleek and compact nature makes it easy to find a parking spot and maneuver in tight situations. It also has a softer suspension which makes the quality of the ride better in roads. In contrast, the size of SUVs gives it a disadvantage in the daily hustle and bustle of city drive.


Ford Explorer Used SUV | SUV vs Sedan | The Car Lot


While you might know that SUV stands for “Sports Utility Vehicle”, that really doesn’t help define it. The idea is that it was first advertised as an alternative car for those with a more active — sporty — lifestyle. This is because of the car’s large body which gives it more capacity and its four-wheel drive which allows you to maneuver it off-road. Although, not every car considered as an SUV today have a four-wheel drive. And even if some type of SUVs today are smaller than the early SUVs, most SUVs are bigger than your average sedan.

This is an obvious win for SUVs. Its large size and box build gives you a LOT of space for both passenger and cargo. This is especially useful for vacations, travel, or activities where you need to haul a lot of items and persons in your car. This is important for big families or large groups.

SUVs are higher than sedans. You might appreciate the better vantage point that this height gives you since you’ll have a better vision of what’s going on around your car. This also means it has a lot of headroom and legroom for taller people. However, the third row might not be the best place for the taller ones to sit on since it’s usually cramped.

SUVs get respect. It’s really hard to bully an SUV in a bumper-to-bumper traffic situation since we have the benefit of size. This is usually a problem for smaller sedans because it’s easy to box them out. If you have an SUV, this shouldn’t be a problem.

SUVs are heavier. Because of that, it has a stronger pull than a sedan in terms of towing capacity.

Overall, the SUV will be more useful and more valuable in rural areas than a sedan. Its off-roading, 4×4 power steering, and size makes it more valuable in a lot of rough situations whereas a sedan might get stuck when the mud starts getting thicker. The size disadvantages an SUV has is nullified in rural areas where there are also a lot of space.



It’s alright to take time and think if you’re still struggling to make up your mind. We strongly recommend that you consider everything before making a purchase. However, in my experience, buying your car is more heart than brain. You’re not just buying a means of transportation — you’re looking for a second home, a portable one.

Like how it is in the movies, you’ll know when you found the one. This is why we recommend that you go to car showrooms to scout for the ride for you.

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